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S tudents, parents
T eachers, and administrators
J oining togetherato preparea
aaaall students for

High academic standards to
aaameet tomorrow's challenges

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The school of St. Tammany Junior High School believes that the children, as individuals, have unique needs desires and expectations, and that the school is a basic institution for the development of intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, and motivational growth.

The school community of St. Tammany Junior High School believes that the nature of our world, country, and community is one of change. Therefore, the purposes of our school should be these:

  1. The preparation and development of each child's academic skills, technology skills, abilities, interests and responsibilities as they relate to his needs, desires, expectations in the real world.

  2. The supplementation and reinforcement of the instruction provided in the home, community, and other educational agencies.

  3. The promotion of self-discipline and self-motivation.

  4. Guidance in the areas of respect for self, respect for authority, and respect for individual rights and responsibilities of others.

The philosophy of St. Tammany Junior High School is based on the recognition that the school is established for the development of the student, as an individual, with unique needs, desires, expectations and experiences for the promotion of desirable habits acquired through knowledge, fostered skills, and attitudes necessary to encourage success-oriented behavior. It is under the influence of this goal that St. Tammany Junior High School depends on the entire school community for intellectual stimulation, moral guidance, and exemplary models for living to encourage every student to aspire to the attainment of the full development of his or her potential - intellectually, socially, emotionally, and morally.

The school and community of STJH further believes that this philosophy will help the students become productive, creative, technologically proficient, and self-assured citizens in the changing world.

Upcoming Events

May Breakfast Menu

May Lunch Menu

Monday, May 18

1 & 5 Period Exams

6th Grade Domino Pizza Reward

Tuesday, May 19

2 & 6 Period Exams

7th Grade Domino Pizza Reward

Wednesday, May 20

3 & 7 Period Exams

8th Grade Domino Pizza Reward

Thursday, May 21

4 & 8 Period Exams

Friday, May 22

Exam Make-Up Day

1/2 Day for students

2014-2015 Assessments for grades 6-8

March 16-20, 2015 Paper and Pencil Test

PARCC Performace Based Assessment in English Language Arts and Math

April 14-15, 2015

iLEAP/LEAP in Science and Social Studies

May 4-8, 2015

PARCC End of Year in English Language Arts and Math (Paper and Pencil Test)

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Title 1 Video For Parents

STJH Spotlight
Winning Wildcats

Now available for checkout in the Library are Dvds from THE PARENT INSTITUTE.


Parents... Can Build Children's Self-Esteem

Parents... Can Motivate Childre

Parents... Can Read With Children

Parents... Can Talk & LIsten to Children

Parents... Can Build Responsibility in Children

Parents... Can Help Children Learn

See the Librarian to check out the DVDs for parents listed above that were provided by Title 1 Funds.  


Pelicans National Anthem Performed by the St. Tammany Jr. High School Band & Prime Time Pictures.

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