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Grading Scale
92 - 100
83 - 91
74 - 82


65 - 73
0- 64


This scale shall be used for all courses and subjects including honors, gifted/talented and advanced placement.Grading Practices

There shall be a minimum of nine (9) assessments for each student during the 9-week tests. No homework/assignments shall count for more than 20% of the 9-week grade. A variety of assessments shall be included, i.e., portfolios, journals, written tests, projects, checklists, writing samples, interviews, observations, and anecdotes. All assessments shall be fair and reasonable as determined by the principal or his designee. Test items shall reflect the instructional objectives in the teacher's lesson plans. Student conduct shall not be considered when computing the 9-week grade. Assessments shall be reflective only of academic performance. Conduct shall be considered separately and graded "S" (satisfactory) or "U" (unsatisfactory). Teachers shall communicate, in writing, their grading practices to parents and students at the beginning of the school year and to new students when they enter class. Activities, projects, presentations, reports, etc., will require that specific grading scales be developed and communicated to students and parents. The degree to which homework will play a part in the overall grade shall be communicated in writing to the students and parents. Homework shall count no more than 20% of the 9-week grade. For all subjects, numerical grades shall be recorded in the class record book and averaged for the 9-week grades. The 9-week numerical grade and corresponding letter grade shall be recorded on the report card. The numerical grades for each 9 weeks shall be averaged for the yearly grade and recorded on the report card along with the corresponding letter grade.



1st 9-week Grade, 2nd 9-week Grade, 3rd 9-week Grade, 4th 9-week Grade Final Grade
93/A 90/B 92/A 90/B 91/B

Note: The yearly average of 91.25 was rounded to 91.



All numerical grades of .5 to .9 shall be rounded up to the next highest number including the grade of 64.5.

The 9-Week Test

The 9-week test shall be comprehensive for the entire 9-week period and count for 20% of the 9-week grade. There shall be no exceptions.


Since English and Spelling are combined for one grade, spelling shall count for no more that 25% of that combined grade.

Honor Roll

There shall be an Honor Roll for each of the 9-week period. A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required for the 3.0 Honor Roll. A minimum of 3.5 GPA is required for the 3.5 Honor Roll. A minimum of 4.0 GPA is required for the 4.0 Honor Roll. To be included in the Honor Roll, students must not earn a 'D' or 'F' on any subject. (Conduct is not a subject.) Only letter grade equivalents "A=4", "B=3", "C=2" shall be used to compute the honor roll. There shall be no rounding of grades on the Honor Roll. Example 1: A student with 2.9 GPA would not be placed on Honor Roll.
Example 2: A student with 3.4 GPA would be placed on Honor Roll.
Example 3: A student with 3.0 GPA would be placed on Honor Roll.All students shall be eligible for the Honor Roll.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Failures

1. If a student fails 2 or more major subjects.
2. If a student fails 3 or more minor subjects (Chorus, Band, Spanish, Home Eco.,etc.)
3. If a student fails 2 major and 1 minor subject.

Sixth Grade Failures

1. If a student fails either Math or Reading.
2. If a student fails 2 or more major subjects.
3. If a student fails 3 or more minor subjects.
4. If a student fails 2 major and 1 minor subject.

Special 8th Grade LEAP 21 High Stakes Testing

No 8th grade student shall be promoted to the 9th grade until he or she scored at or above the "Basic" level on the English and Mathematics LEAP 21 tests. For those students the SBLC will meet to determine one of the three options for the student:


 Option 1: Repeat 8th grade
 Option 2: Placement in a transitional programat a traditional high school campus where the student takes non-credit remedial courses in English and/or Math and may take credit courses in other subjects. Students may remain in Option 2 for a maximum of two years and will participate in the Grade 8 LEAP 21 test.
 Option 3: Begin working toward GED or "Certificate of Completion."
Overaged Students: Students who are 16 years of age on or before September 30th must enroll in an alternative program or setting, Option 2 or Option 3.



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