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Dress Code

Uniforms/Dress Code

St. Tammany Jr. High students must wear the designated school uniform.

Shirts/tops- must be polo style, solid colors only in Royal Blue or Grey (ash or heather) with a collar, standard short or long sleeve.

Minimum 6 inch sleeve length. No emblems or logos are allowed except the optional school approved logo on all uniform shirts.

Uniform shirt is to be the outer most garments with no undershirt visible at the sleeve or hemline. Tank tops and undershirts are not to be worn as outer garments.

For cold weather, short or long sleeve T-shirts, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks may be worn underneath the short sleeve uniform shirt but must match the color (royal blue, ash/heather grey) or the uniform shirt and not decorated in any manner.

Winter outerwear (jackets, coats, sweaters) must zip, snap, or button from top to bottom, can be any color. Pullover sweatshirts or jackets are permitted if they are plain royal blue, ash/heather grey, white or yellow gold without hoods. The school uniform shirt must still be worn under the pullover. St. Tammany Jr. High athletic/team pullover outerwear is acceptable.

For security reasons, shirts may not hang below the pockets on a regular pair of slacks or shorts. A long shirt that hangs below the pocket must be tucked in to the uniform bottoms. It is strongly recommended that students wear uniforms that fit properly, and that they wear belts with shirts tucked in.

No bandannas, hats or unnatural colored hair/sculptured hair allowed.

Unreasonably oversized or undersized shirts. sweatshirts. pullovers. or jackets are unacceptable and will not be allowed. The principal will determine what is oversized and extreme.

Bottoms: (boys and girls)

Boys: cotton twill pants, shorts in regular khaki or sand color are allowed at finger tip length.

Pants may not be decorated in any manner. No other colors or fabrics are allowed.

Girls: Cotton twill pants, shorts, skirts, culottes, split skirts, and skorts are acceptable provided they meet the dress code length requirements. Warm up suits and tan colored pants are not permitted. Minimum length of dresses, skorts, skirts, and shorts must be at least at the fingertip or below when standing erect with arms extended down the sides or not be more than 5 inches above the knee or fingertip length.

Bottom garments worn by students must be secured at the waist with no undergarments revealed. Oversized pants, bell bottomed, elephant let, wide leg pants, low cut hip huggers, overalls, and overall shorts are unacceptable.

Unreasonable oversized pants are considered extreme in style and will Not be allowed.

The Principal will determine what is oversized and undersized and extreme.

Shoes- Flip flop or backless thongs are not permitted. Backless shoes are permitted as long as 3/4 of front of foot is covered. No house slippers or decorated backless beaded slipper/see through slippers allowed.

Hair - Males - length may not fall below the base of the collared shirt. Afros or teased styles may not exceed three inches in height. Hair arranged in a manner that is detrimental or a distraction to the performance of normal educational activities, such as covering the eyes, will be prohibited. Hair must be clean and not unusually colored (natural color). Sculptured hairstyles that include pictures, symbols, letters, Mohawks and numbers will not be permitted.

Facial Hair - students are prohibited from wearing beards or goatees. Sideburns may be worn to the base of the earlobe, but pork chop style is prohibited. Students may wear a neatly trimmed mustache but handlebar styles are prohibited.

Hair - Females -must wear their hair in a conventional style. Hair in rollers or curlers, excessively teased or arranged in a manner detrimental or distracting to the performance of normal educational activities will be prohibited. Hair also must be clean and not unusually colored (natural color). Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, and numbers will not be permitted. Extensions added to natural hair must be a natural hair color.

Unreasonable hair length, hair style. and hair color, extreme in nature and causing a distraction to the normal educational process, will be determined by the discretion of the Principal.